About the Club

The passion to “maluch” was born by a chance. Once upon a time on October’s afternoon, Jarek’s grandmother decided to give her biggest treasure to her grandson. It was white “Maluch” 126p. She made him to swear that he will take care of her gift more then on his own health.

Lucky guy didn’t even know how would it change his life…In a year 2007 Jarek and his friend Deva decided to start a “Maluch” enthusiast club. In the very beginning the club had just couple of members, but the number grew with time (also ladies joined the club).

Club members decide to organize spots to meet each other in different cities. You could meet them in Wroclaw (August 2007), Jarocin (September 2008) and also in others.

“Maluch” invasion on Środa Wlkp. in 2007 was described in Gazeta Średzka. (…”with accompanying pedestrians’ amazement, “Maluchy” drove through the streets couple of times, using horn sometimes. The view made some elder citizens smile”… – Gazeta Średzka)

And it is the smile and nostalgia for what have passed away, makes people from different cities
give a warm welcome to club members. Most of them in the past were proud owners of “Maluszek”, which is a cult car today. Today they can have the memories back. That’s the idea of the club – to promote passion and love to the car, which was making Poland drive and is rare, and a little forgotten today.